The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

​​5th call information

Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 13:41
The new year started with a great news! 

The programme has received additional funding from an ERDF reserve originally held by Finland and Estonia for ENI CBC programmes.

The next Monitoring Committee taking place in April will decide on what to do with the extra funds, but it is likely that a 5th call for application will open next autumn. 

The call will be limited in its scope. Information about the Specific Objectives targeted by the call will be available in April after the Monitoring Committee meeting. As before, the Joint Secretariat will provide consultation services to applicants, and also an Applicant seminar will be organised for them.  

​Stay tuned!