Common Tourism Routes in Central Baltic Region

Programme priority: 
Sustainable use of common resources
Specific Objective for priority 2: 
Specific objective 2.1 (Natural and cultural resources developed into sustainable tourist attractions)
Description of the project idea: 
Active tourism (e.g. rambling, hiking, biking, kayaking etc.) is becoming more and more popular. However, the tracks either on the sea, river, or in the forest are rather of local nature. Additionally, the cooperation between different service providers is weak and this results in single activities, not in packages that create extra value. The vision of the project is to make Central Baltic area well-known as an interesting destination for ramblers, hikers, bikers, and kayakers both inside and outside the region by creating common tourism routes and market them.
We look for partners from the following countries: 
Contact person
Jaan Urb
Estonian Ramblers' Association