The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

​ECDay 2020

Last update 4.11.2020

Hundreds of Interreg projects work each year to find solutions to cross-border challenges across Europe. Their efforts are founded with European Regional Development Founds. These funds are allocated by Interreg programmes such as Central Baltic.

To celebrate their endeavors, every year, on 21st September and the weeks sorrounding the day, Interreg programmes organise events in their area in the framework of the European Cooperation Day (ECDay). At the Central Baltic programme we will join the celebration as well, but due to COVID-19 our way of celbrating, this year, entails (mostly) individul walks and hikes on Central Baltic nature trails. The hikes will be led by our Contact Points in the regions:

In Estonia Ingel will walk alongside lake Peipsi in cooperation with  project Lakesperience (trail map here).

In Finland, in collaboration with Urban Eco IslandsJulia will visit the island of Vasikkasaari, just outside Helsinki (trail map here).

In Latvia, Daiga is organising a hike in Cesis as part of the Lampa conversation festival. The hike is organised in cooperation with the ForestTrail project, the Estonia - Latvia, the Latvia - Lithuania and the Latvia - Russia  Programmes, the National responsible authority of Interreg programmes in Latvia and the Ministry the of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia (map of the 30KM trail here, map of the 16KM trail here).

In Sweden, Annika will walk alongside the Lakesperience project and will meet along the way the enterpreneurs active in the area, to encourge them to promote the project trails and activities to tourists (map of the trail here).

Last, but not least, in the Åland islands, Ester will be walking on Kökar, one part of the pilgrimage route project St Olav Waterway has developped in the area (map of the trail here). Together with organisations in Finland, on Åland and in Sweden, there will be a 1200 km challenge for the day. Help us reach Trondheim in one day!
Register your contribution, your km, here - where ever you are!

Link to the Kökar walk here.

Because of the COVID_19 situation, participation in the events is going to be restricted to small and targeted groups. We encourage all the interested walkers to get to know the trails, by walking on them at their convenience and to participate in our lottery and to win to win hiking packages (reflector backpack, water bottle, reflector).  

Our Contact Points will share photos and info about the trails on the programme Instagram's page. You can follow their adventures on Instagram here!

You can find photos and videos from the walks here.