The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

European Cooperation Day 2020

Wednesday, September 2, 2020 - 15:07
This year, in connection to the European Cooperation Day we are organising a lottery!

Background information

This year, to celebrate 30 years of cross-border cooperation, we are walking along some of the nature trail/destinations, our projects have developed. Our national Contact Points are leading the way on some of the paths. Based on the different COVID_19 restrictions in different countries, not in all cases it is possible to walk alongside them.
To give everyone the possibility to get to know these trails, without having to partcipate in an event, we are organising a lottery.
The lottery is based on photos taken on the trails by any one interested in walking along them at the time it suits them best and posting them on Instagram under the hashtags: #CBwalks, #Interreg30, #ECDay2020 by 26.9.

Quick summary on how it works:
  • Find the Central Baltic logo and EU flag on a signpost placed alongside a Central Baltic nature trail
  • Post it under the hashtags #CBwalks, #Interreg30, #ECDay2020 by 26.9.
  • When you post your photo, you automatically enter a lottery to win a Central Baltic hiking pack full of goodies.
  • The lottery takes place on 28.9. If you win, we will contact you through Social Media with further details.
  • Because the trails are very long and can be entered in many different starting points, finding a signpost might be challenging. Though, we encourage you to look for the signpost, you can participate in the lottery also by taking a photo on the trail without any logo on the background and just add the three hashtags mentioned above, when publishing your photo on Instagram.
How to participate?
Walk alongside one of the nature trail/destinations our projects have developed in the Central Baltic area, take a photo of the Central Baltic logo and EU flag and post it on Instagram using the hashtags #CBwalks, #Interreg30, #ECDay2020.
You have time until Saturday 26.9 to post one or more photos.
On Monday 28.9 based on all the entries received, we will have a lottery. Through the lottery, we are going to select 10 winning photos per country (Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Sweden, Åland). The winners will receive a hiking pack containing a reflector backpack, a reusable water bottle, a writing block, a pen and a small reflector.

Information about the trails
Follow us on Instagram to learn more about the trails you can walk along to spot the Central Baltic Logo and EU flag. The posts on Instagram will be in English, Estonian, Finnish, Latvian and Swedish.

Good luck!