The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

Exhibition of CB project in Almedalen, Visby

Time: 4 July, 2019, 13:00 to 16:00
Place: Fenomenalen, Skeppsbron 4, Visby
EU is co-financing a number of different programs and projects. What is the result in our regions and are these sustainable over time? Visit our exhibition that show successful project collaborations and listen to our seminar with participants: Filip Reinhag, politician, Region Gotland; Madelen Nilsson, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth; Inger Harlevi, project coordinator, HANSA project and Ylva Liljeholm, project manager, RIBS project.

​More about the programme you can find here: