The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

The first projects selected for funding

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 14:00
The Central Baltic Programme received, in its first call, 41 small project applications and 136 regular project applications.

The applications have been assessed and the first funding decisions are taken by the programme Steering Committee consisting of Member State representatives.

The Steering Committee has approved the following small project applications for funding:
  • CB103            Käsikäes 
  • CB15              PAD 
  • CB98              REGI 
  • CB270            Theatre Expanded
  • CB85              Let us be active! 
  • CB35              PIM
  • CB54              EDU-SMEs

The Steering Committee has approved the following regular project applications to continue to the second step applications process. These projects are to prepare their final application in the eMS by 12 June.
  • CB113            STARPABS
  • CB16              CB Game Camp
  • CB302            VC for KIC
  • CB276            CBEwB
  • CB133            ICT Meta Cluster
  • CB152            SME2GO
  • CB41              CB HealthAccess
  • CB64              SmartZoos
  • CB155            Live Baltic Campus
  • CB77              Baltic Urban Lab
  • CB187            iWater
  • CB264            NutriTrade
  • CB272            GreenAgri
  • CB295            NUTRINFLOW
  • CB241            SMART E67
  • CB239            SmartPorts
  • CB11              SimACT
  • CB139            OnBoard-Med
  • CB207            EDU-RAIL
  • CB25              DeDiWe
  • CB36              ITSVET
  • CB42              AcutEdu
  • CB21              EnviEdu
  • CB198            Talsinki
  • CB216            CLUSME
  • CB137            LightsOn!
  • CB226            NATTOURS
  • CB13              Plan4Blue
  • CB293            MobiCarnet
  • CB94              30MILES
  • CB79              SAFHY
  • CB197            HISARO
  • CB227            ADAPT
  • CB296            MASAPO
  • CB291            BELT
  • CB181            Springboard
  • CB257            SJV
  • CB66              CB2East
  • CB110            HANSA
  • CB55              LiviHeri
  • CB87              BLASTIC
  • CB39              INSURE
  • CB50              WATERCHAIN
  • CB9                IMCB

All other submitted project applications have been rejected. All applicant Lead Partners will be shortly contacted by the Joint Secretariat. The approved projects will be appointed a contact person in the Joint Secretariat to be in contact with the Lead Partner about how the process continues (applies to both small and regular projects). The rejected projects will be contacted by the Joint Secretariat with clarifications for the rejection.