The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

Joint Central Baltic beach clean-up day

Time: 19 September, 2015, 10:00 to 15:00

The European Cooperation Day is about showing the power of working together on a joint challenge. The amount of trash in the Baltic Sea and on its shores is our joint problem that none of us can tackle alone. Rubbish disposed to the sea at one place will end up in another place before we know it.

During the joint beach clean-up day we are cleaning beaches in Treimani (Estonia), Yyteri (Finland), Ainazi (Latvia), Oxelösund (Sweden) and Mariehamn (Åland)

To underline the importance of the work usually taking place in the cooperation projects financed by the Central Baltic and other Interreg programmes, we celebrate the European Cooperation Day by cleaning our sea together with our neighbours in other countries.

Here are the agendas, choose your favourite:

Jogersö: Strandstädning på Jogersö

Mariehamn: Plock Opp med Central Baltic

Treimani - Ainaži: Seikluslik koguperepäev
In cooperation with Estonia-Latvia Programme. Register here by September 15.

Yyteri: Levänpoistotalkoot

Together, through cooperation, we are making a difference all over the Baltic Sea Region!

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