The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

Participate in our ECD photo competition

Monday, June 19, 2017 - 06:38
We now have 76 projects -- all in various stages. One thing is clear, though: our projects are greating concrete results for the Central Baltic region.

Last week, the Central Baltic Info Team held its meeting in Stockholm. While there, we decided to create our own 'entries' for our European Cooperatio Day photo competition, held in connection to our Annual Event in Septmeber (remember to register!).  The Info Team is of course not a project but we did our best to capture the spirit of each category into the photos we created. Starting last Friday, we will post a new entry every working day until Friday.

You a warmly invited to submit your entry into one of the five categories. The photos are used to create an exhibition that showcases what our projects are doing around the programme area. Use this direct link to submit your entry:

Also, don't forget to register for our annual event which is held in connection to the EC Day (More information and registration:

Fifth entry (Category 5): Our Estonian Contact Point Nino is enjoying a ‘fresh breeze’ with our Communication Officer Elisa, enabled symbolically by the Central Baltic programme.