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Project Active Moms Entrepreneurship Day in Rakvere, Estonia

Time: 29 January, 2020
Place: Rohuaia 12, Rakvere
Entrepreneurship Day „Running your own business is an option“! will take place in Rakvere, Estonia 29.01.2020, starting 9.00 with coffee and registration and will end with business game 16.00.

Location: Aqva Spa Hotel, Parkali 4, Rakvere

Target group: active mothers

Please register at the following link (participants from Estonia):

Languages of the event: English and Russian.

During the event, there will be short presentation about „Active Moms“ project and programme.

The Lecturer of Entrepreneurship Eva Vahtramäe will conduct an interactive lecture „Business idea and its development“.

The female entrepreneurs will present their journey as an entrepreneur and involve target group members in discussions.

Target group members will get the opportunity to present their business ideas and get feedback from experts.

Think about your business idea and develop it further during the event!

The aim of the Entrepreneurship Day is above all to engage the target group through workshops, games and exchange of experience. The focus of these days is on entrepreneurship (as a career opportunity for target group). This gives active mothers the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. The mission of the activity is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the target group as individuals and as potential entrepreneurs (the person who makes the choices as an active citizen in her life, be it salaried employee at one stage, entrepreneur at the second stage).

Kasutaja Active Moms foto.