The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

Project results available in our database

Monday, August 12, 2019 - 10:06
Most of the staff is now back in office. This means that wheels are turning in high gear. Among the Annual Event and the 5th call, we have also gotten busy with inserting project results into our database. Ten of them have already been published and many more are in the pipeline. Read below to learn more about the process.

How do project results end up in the database?
We aim at providing the best possible service to everyone connected or interested in the Central Baltic programme. Our project database is part of this and attempts to display a panoramic view of the project. With this we understand things such as key data (introduction, budgets, partners and so on), information about visibility, stories and interviews, as well as results.

Especially regarding results, we feel that we want to go beyond technical data and show what was actually done with ERDF funding. With this in mind, it's not easy to make the split between presenting information in a way that contains the facts but still manages to make content easily approachable and understandable. We have been hard at work in finding this split and now we think that we are on the good track. 

When visiting our project database, you will find one result card for each each project. By clicking on it, a verbal presentation of main project results is provided. On the right, there's a link to the project factsheet (where a KEEP.EU link is provided to connect the project into a wider context), key facts about the results, possible files the project has produced and tags related to the result. We feel especially excited about the tags, since they allow grouping of similar results under single themes (e.g. e-learning).

So, long story short: we will keep inserting project results in the database and while doing that, refine funtionality based on experiences and feedback that we get. Once we catch up with all the ended projects (approximately 50 of them), the estimated time for an implementing project result to reach the database is two to six months from the final event. 

Be sure to swing by and check out the existing results at:

If you have questions regarding the project database, you can always get in touch with our Communication Manager by sending email ( or by phone (+358442575716).