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Projects gaining national media attention - it is all about the results

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 13:59
At Central Baltic Programme we often rack our brains on how to get stories and results from our wonderful project picked up by media. I guess this is also something that projects themselves think about constantly. Sometimes the project topic hits the chord with the times and the potential results are just so special that it feels like that media attention happens by itself. Earlier this year the FinEst Link project had mayors and ministers attending and full Finnish and Estonian media attention for the whole morning. In this case the idea of a railway tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn is so fascinating that all aspects from the cost of the project, the technique required and the route get people excited.

Last week project NutriTrade and its final event and a press conference had the Finland’s Minister of the Environment Mr Kimmo Tiilikainen attending and singing praise for the project results. Gypsum application of fields as a potential sea protection measure was picked up by Helsingin Sanomat (the biggest daily in the Nordics) and Yle (national broadcaster). And this is exactly how it should be. It is all about the projects and their results. I see it in a way that we at the funding programme are a bit like the record company and projects are our artists.

When I talked with the people from NutriTrade last autumn I asked how do they reach for all their various target groups and get people on board and excited about saving the Baltic Sea. People at the project stressed the importance of hard work, attending events and meeting people. I guess the lesson here that no amount of fancy social media posts will be able to compensate meeting people and attending events, doing the hard footwork. Which of course does not mean that you should not be doing social media and brochures, because that was also excellently handled by NutriTrade.
Story in Yle TV News (in Finnish from 13:50 onwards)
Story in Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish)
Story in Yle (in Finnish)
You can learn more about NutriTrade in our project database.

 Jaakko Ranta, National Contact Point Finland