FLC materials (FLC use only)

FLC Manual 3.1

The FLC manual has been updated to version 3.1. Minor and mostly technical updates to the FLC manual have been made.
Further clarification has been added on two issues:
- the requirement to have all supporting documents in the eMS; and
- the requirement to check that all reported costs have been paid within the reporting period.
Please always use the most up-to-date FLC manual as support in your FLC work. 
Download: PDF icon FLC Manual_3.1.pdf (pdf, 631.25 KB)
Date added: Thursday, 21 May, 2015
Date modified: Tuesday, 7 February, 2017

Independent First Level Control Report template

The Independent First Level Control Report template is to be filled by the FLC. The scanned document should be sent via eMS to the Project Partner and the Lead Partner.
The Independent First Level Control Report is part of the LP’s project progress report and will be presented to the Managing Authority together with the LP’s Confirmation letter.
Download: File FLC Control report v1.2.xlsx (xlsx, 40.26 KB)
Date added: Tuesday, 13 September, 2016
Date modified: Tuesday, 8 November, 2016