Implementation phase

Guide for Project Implementation

This guide contains practical information related to project implementation procedures. This guide should be read together with the valid version of the Programme Manual. The Programme Manual defines the programme rules and procedures whereas this guide explains how these are implemented in practice.

Kindly note, this is an updated version 2.1 (NOV 2016)
Download: PDF icon Guide_for_project_implementation 2_1_161122.pdf (pdf, 689.11 KB)
Date added: Wednesday, 23 March, 2016
Date modified: Tuesday, 22 November, 2016

Confirmation Letter to the Project Report

The Confirmation letter must be submitted on paper with each project progress report and be signed by a person holding the right to sign documents on behalf of the organisation. If the signee is new, documentation must be sent to show that the person/position signing the letter holds the right to sign the document (an extract of the organisation’s statutes or similar) (updated 12.2016). 
Download: File Confirmation Letter to the Project Report 12 2016.docx (docx, 112.73 KB)
Date added: Monday, 29 February, 2016
Date modified: Thursday, 15 December, 2016

Guide for Project Communication

The Guide for project communication is made by the Joint Secretariat of the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 to provide instructions and guidelines for the communication activities of your project.

29.11.2016: In the table of Annex I, the row regarding equipment has been updated
Download: PDF icon Guide for project communication_291116.pdf (pdf, 275.95 KB)
Date added: Friday, 13 May, 2016
Date modified: Tuesday, 29 November, 2016

Template for a Project Communication plan

The template can be used by projects for developing a communication plan for the project. The template is a model that the project can freely adjust to its own needs.

The projects are not required to submit a communication plan to the Joint Secretariat but can ask for support for developing and implementing the plan.
Download: File Template for the communication plan.docx (docx, 127.46 KB)
Date added: Tuesday, 8 December, 2015
Date modified: Tuesday, 8 December, 2015

Template for A3 Poster to be Displayed by All Project Partners

All project partner organizations are to display in their premises at least one information poster (minimum size A3) informing about the project and the received EU funding. The poster is to be placed in a place where it is well visible for the public such as an entrance area of a building.

This poster template is a model that the project can freely adjust to its own needs. It can e.g. be translated to local language.
Download: Microsoft Office document icon CB A3 poster template.doc (doc, 218.5 KB)
Date added: Friday, 11 December, 2015
Date modified: Friday, 11 December, 2015

Model of the Subsidy Contract

The model to be used as a Subsidy Contract for small and regular projects once the project has been approved for funding. The Subsidy Contract defines the rights and obligations of the project and will be signed between the Lead Partner and the Managing Authority. The final and actual Subsidy Contract will be generated from the eMonitoring System.
Download: PDF icon Subsidy Contract 12 2016.pdf (pdf, 155.33 KB)
Date added: Wednesday, 17 December, 2014
Date modified: Thursday, 15 December, 2016

Support for Staff Costs

This document is for the (potential) project partners and can be used as a support in budgeting, but especially for reporting staff costs. It provides supporting questions and an example of how to calculate the staff cost with different methods.
Download: PDF icon Support for staff costs_March2017.pdf (pdf, 72.4 KB)
Date added: Friday, 10 March, 2017
Date modified: Friday, 10 March, 2017

Mid-Term Project Progress Meeting Template

This Mid-term project meeting template is to be prefilled by the JS contact person halfway through the project implementation phase to prepare for the meeting between the lead partner and the JS contact person. The aim of this meeting is to review the project progress towards project objectives, results, outputs, activities and deliverables.
Download: File MidTermProjectProgressMeetingTemplate.docx (docx, 68.28 KB)
Date added: Tuesday, 13 September, 2016
Date modified: Tuesday, 13 September, 2016

Partnership Agreement Model

The Lead Partner is required to enter an agreement with all Project Partners. The MA has provided a model for the projects to use, if they wish. The model covers the basic requirements and references to programme rules (Subsidy Contract, manual, approved application form etc). The partnership can adjust the model or add to it based on individual needs. The agreement is signed between the partners only and the MA/JS is not party to it (updated 12.2016).
Download: File CB Partnership Agreement Model 12 2016.docx (docx, 123.46 KB)
Date added: Wednesday, 22 April, 2015
Date modified: Thursday, 15 December, 2016

Tips for reporting

This document gives you some tips on the most important things to keep in mind while reporting.
Download: PDF icon Tips for reporting.pdf (pdf, 51.24 KB)
Date added: Friday, 10 March, 2017
Date modified: Friday, 10 March, 2017

Modification Request

The Modification request template must be filled in when project is applying project modification which is having impact on Application Form. The modification must be approved by project steering group before the request is submitted to the JS. Separate Budget modification request template must be filled in for budget modification (updated 12.2016).
Download: File Modification Request 12 2016_0.docx (docx, 52.49 KB)
Date added: Tuesday, 27 September, 2016
Date modified: Thursday, 15 December, 2016

Budget Modification Request

The Budget modification request template is a separate annex to the modification request. It must be attached to the modification request if the project is applying for a budget change (update Nov. 2016)
Download: File Budget_modification_request_161117.xlsx (xlsx, 83.18 KB)
Date added: Tuesday, 27 September, 2016
Date modified: Thursday, 1 December, 2016