The Central Baltic 2014-2020 Programme finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

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Consultation Days

Monday, 12 September, 2016
Receive all the support you need to develop your project idea further. Register to the Consultation day organised in your country by clicking on the links below. Registration for Tallinn, Riga, Helsinki and Mariehamn has been extended to 22 September 18:00 EET!

Tallinn (28.09.2016)
Riga (29.09.2016)
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Breathe fire into your project ideas!

Tuesday, 2 August, 2016
Table updated on 18.8.2016

Did you know that the Central Baltic Programme offers many channels to advance your project ideas? Whether it’s partner search or proposal refinement towards an application, our staff is standing by to help you. The opening of the third call on 2.1.2017 is just around the corner.

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Statistics for second call available

Friday, 17 June, 2016
In the link below, you can view some statistics related to the 2nd call. Comparison is made i.e. between applications and approved projects. There is also comparison between 1st and 2nd call. ... Read more
For the second call, second step, the applications have been assessed and the funding decisions are taken by the programme Steering Committee consisting of Member State representatives.

The following applications for regular projects have been approved for funding:
  • CB 4 GameCamps
  • Nured
  • OnBoard-Med
  • Archipelago Partnerships
  • DefenceArch
  • FamilyPorts
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We are happy to announce that all applications for the 2nd step of the 2nd call were received in a timely fashion, the last being submitted some 19 minutes before the deadline. In total, approximately 24 million euros ERDF were applied for. The diagram on the right side shows the division of applied funds per priority. ... Read more
The Steering Committee took decisions on the 2nd call applications at the end of January. Statistics are published on the approved applications. ... Read more
The Finnish partners in projects accepted to the 2nd step application phase can apply for the Finnish national co-financing from the Regional Council of Southwest Finland until 4 March.

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The Central Baltic Programme received 38 small project applications and 110 regular project applications in its second call.

The applications have been assessed and the funding decisions are taken by the programme Steering Committee consisting of Member State representatives.

The Steering Committee has approved the following 7 small project applications for funding:
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    First 2nd call funding decisions soon here

    Tuesday, 26 January, 2016
    The Programme Steering Committee will take decisions on the 2nd call project applications in their meeting on 28-29 January.

    The names of the small projects approved for funding as well as the regular projects approved to continue to the 2nd step application phase will be published on this programme website right after the meeting ends on 29 January.

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    The second call for applications closed on 23 October resulting in 148 new project applications. Out of these 110 were so called 1st-step applications of the regular projects and 38 were applying for a small project. In total 112 million euros ERDF were applied for in this call. The programme has 115 million euros to allocate during the whole programme period, out of which 48 millions (41%) were allocated to succesful projects in the first call. There are nearly 800 partners involved in the submitted applications covering the whole programme region.
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