The Central Baltic 2014-2020 Programme finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Ă…land), Latvia and Sweden

Applying for funding

When to apply?
There are currently no open calls in the Central Baltic programme. A fourth call is in sight for 2018. We will update information accordingly, once more information is available.

Who can apply?
A project partner can be public authorities (national, regional and local) as well as bodies governed by public or private law. Only large companies are excluded from acting as partners. The detailed descriptions of partner eligibility can be found in the Programme Manual. The minimun number of partners in a project is two and they must be from two programme area countries.

What kinds of projects can be funded?
All financed projects must fit under one of the four programme priorities and under one of the priority's specific objective. What is important to consider is whether the project idea supports the fulfilment of the result and output indicators of the specific objective. Projects not supporting the fulfilment of programme objectives will not be funded. A typical duration of a project is 2-4 years. Examples of the projects funded in the previous Central Baltic Programme during 2007-2013 can be viewed in the Central Baltic Project Database.

The projects can be either regular projects or small projects. A "small project" can have an ERDF budget of maximum 200.000 euros and the project duration is limited to maximum 2 years. Projects that last longer and have a bigger ERDF budget are counted as "regular projects".

How to apply?
If you have a project idea and feel that it could support the fulfilment of the programme objectives you are encouraged to be in contact with the Project Manager of the relevant priority to discuss the idea. For presenting your project idea you can use the Project idea form. The actual applications are submitted via an e-Monitoring System (eMS). The calls for applications are foreseen to be open approximately twice a year as long as funding is available.

More information
Closer definitions on the programme themes, project requirements and application process can be found in the Programme Manual. Also the Joint Secretariat is there to answer questions.