Present your project idea

Applicants who would like to discuss their project ideas with the Joint Secretariat can submit it using the form provided below. Start by defining the project idea and think about the central questions to prepare for consultations with the Joint Secretariat. Applicants and partners who wish to do so are invited to book an appointment in advance.

Project idea form

The Project idea form can be used by project applicants for defining the project idea in the preparation phase of the project.

It can also be sent to the Joint Secretariat as an initial presentation of the idea. The Project idea form is not an Application form.

Book a consultation with our Project Managers:
1. More exports by SMEs
2. More new scaled-up growth companies

Ülari Alamets
Project Manager
+358 4014 83901

3. Joint circular economy solutions
4. Improved coastal and marine environment
5. Decreased CO2 emissions

Samu Numminen
Project Manager
+358 4005 32092

6. Improved employment opportunities on labour market

Laura Cunska-Āboma
Project Manager
+358 4018 26487

7. Improved public services and solutions for the citizens

Normunds Strautmanis
Project Manager
+358 4018 11928

Disclaimer: The approval of a new programme is a collaboration between the regions and participating Member States and the Commission. We have received Commission feedback throughout the process, but once we submit the programme, the so-called formal process and interservice consultation in the Commission starts. For us this means that after today’s celebration we still have to work hard. For you this means that you should be aware that some updates to the programme document and Programme Manual can still come. We will update and inform if something relevant happens.