Call for Regular Project Proposals (final submission)

Event Details

The submission of regular project proposals is done in two steps: first in April and second (i.e. final) in October.

Decisions regarding the submitted regular project proposals to the first step are made by the Monitoring Committee in mid-September 2024, and the list of project acronyms that are selected to continue to the second step will be published on the programme website after the meeting.

Second-step application phase

Second-step application phase continues for regular projects which will be selected to proceed to the second step. These projects must submit their applications in Jems between October 10 and October 31, 2024, by noon Eastern European Time (corresponding local time 12:00 in Finland, including Åland, Estonia, Latvia, and 11:00 in Sweden).

Final decisions

Final decisions for regular projects in the second step will be made by the Monitoring Committee in mid-February 2025.

Participating regions and expansion of the programme area

The participating regions cover the whole programme area in Estonia, Finland including Åland, Latvia and Sweden. Due to Russia’s military actions against Ukraine and the subsequent suspension of funding programmes with Russia and Belarus, the Central Baltic Programme will expand its geographical scope and receive additional funding. This expansion is anticipated to be approved by the European Commission by the end of 2023. As a result, cross-border projects from the newly included areas, namely Etelä-Savo in Finland and Latgale in Latvia, also can apply for funding.

In total, 40 MEUR will be reserved for the call for regular project proposals.