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What are the differences between PNG and JPEG files?

PNG files can be used for almost any digital purpose. They’re also useful if you need digital images with transparency, such as logos to put on coloured backgrounds. The PNG file type retains of all its original data when compressed. This makes PNGs great for detailed graphics and charts on websites because none of the vital information gets lost. PNG file is generally larger in size than a JPEG, so they require more storage space.

What about the colour modes CMYK vs RGB vs Pantone?

For printed materials, it’s best to use CMYK. You’ve also got the option to specify Pantone colours. For paper and plastic materials it’s best to use the Pantone colour system. For your electronic displays or online material, use the RGB system.

Guide for programme branding

Interreg Brand Design Manual

Brand Design Manual
Brand Design Manual

This document provides guidance on how to use the Interreg brand. When using the logos, we strongly suggest consulting with the document, especially chapter 2 and chapter 4.