3. Joint circular economy solutions

The programme objective targets the challenge related to high levels of waste, low levels of product and material reuse, inflows of nutrients and hazardous substances, and low levels of awareness in reuse of products.

Three basic components will be targeted within circular economy: Design of the whole life cycle of products and/or services, awareness raising, and behaviour change of consumers as well as producers and service providers.

However, this programme objective will not target the efforts to directly reduce the impact of nutrients, toxins and hazardous substances on the Baltic Sea by water management activities.

All main categories of waste can be targeted by the projects if the Central Baltic scale can be identified and justified, and where there are opportunities for decreasing waste or increasing the reuse of products or materials. The Central Baltic scale will be defined by the existence of cross-border product/service life cycle or chain, or a solution which extends across CB borders or can be downsized to CB scale.

Types of partners

Public and non-profit organisations relevant for the targeted product chains.

Indicative list of actions supported
  • Awareness raising of consumers, organisations
  • Mapping the cross border “product life cycles/chains”
  • Feasibility studies, plans and designs
  • Trainings and skills development
  • Development and implementation of methods and technologies to reduce the use of materials, reduce the waste and increase the reuse of materials
  • Process developments and digitalisation of processes
  • Small scale investments to reduce the use of materials, waste and increase the reuse of materials
  • Experience exchange and learning as result of joint implementation

Any project should use a suitable mix of these actions based on the project topic. The chosen mix of actions must be relevant for achieving the contribution to both the project and programme results.

The main target groups

People, communities and businesses benefitting from reduced use of virgin materials, decreased waste, and increased reuse of products and materials.

Result indicator

The number of improved product/service cycles/chains

Output indicators
  • Participations in joint actions across borders
  • Pilot actions developed jointly and implemented in projects
  • Organisations co-operating across borders

Contact person:

Marina Sorokina
Project Manager
+358 4065 50033