Applying for funding

With an indicative budget of 118 million EUR from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Central Baltic welcomes projects to cooperate in our region by solving common problems and working on joint opportunities – together and across borders.

The projects to be funded by the Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027 need to have following characteristics:

  • The project has thematic focus in one of the seven programme objectives.
  • The project contributes to the result indicators of the programme.
  • The project has at least two partners from the different member states.
  • The cross-border cooperation brings clear added value to solve a common challenge.
  • Project results are sustainable and live on after the project end.
First call for project proposals

The first call for project proposals to the Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027 is open in the period 10 February to 31 March 2022. During that time, the joint electronic monitoring system Jems is open for filling in the application. The deadline is at 12 Finnish time.

Second step application phase for regular projects:
30 June – 3 October (12:00 EEST)

Regular project applications which will continue to the second step application phase must submit their final application in Jems.

The Jems is open for filling in the project applications from 30 June to 3 October 2022. The deadline is at 12:00 (EEST*).

*Eastern European Summer Time: 12:00 in Finland (including Åland), Estonia, Latvia and 11:00 in Sweden.

Two types of projects: small and regular

The call is open for two types of projects: small projects and regular projects. Both small projects and regular projects can submit project proposals via the joint electronic monitoring system. All applications are to be submitted electronically to the system on the closing date of the call. It is strongly recommended not to leave the submission to the last moments of the call.

The small projects fill in and submit the application form in Jems once. For regular projects, the application procedure is done in two steps. Only those regular project applications passing the first step will continue to the second step to fill in the whole application with all annexes.

Assessment and decision making

The received applications are assessed by the Joint Secretariat after the call is closed. The decisions on which small projects are approved and which regular projects can proceed to the second step are taken by the Programme Monitoring Committee consisting of representatives from each participating Member State.

Guidance in filling in the Application Form in Jems

The Joint Secretariat has created a guidance document for applying for a project. This document is important to all applicants and can be downloaded from the website by visiting the following section:

If you encounter any problems with Jems, forgot your password or need any other technical support, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated helpdesk

For any content related support visit the programme website dedicated For Applicants. You will find everything you need to know for the call, including key material, guidance videos and call calendar.

You are very welcome to be in contact with the Project Managers at the Joint Secretariat with any content related questions.

Who can apply for what types of joint activities?

To receive funding from this programme, projects must have a clear cross-border character and involve partners from at least two programme countries.

The first thing to do is to get acquainted with the programme intervention logic to find out which joint cross-border challenges are targeted, what types of project activities are funded, and what concrete results are expected from the funded projects. To get a good understanding of these issues, read the Programme Manual carefully. You will find information on requirements from a project, forming a good partnership, partner relevance, different types of projects and many other issues from the Programme Manual.

Ready to start?

Click here to enter the Jems to register and start filling in the application:

About the Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027

NB! Please be aware that the Programme has not yet been approved by the European Commission which means the content of the Programme documents and the terms of references of this call may change.

Before the call

Getting ready

Our national Contact Points are happy to provide you information about the basic programme requirements in your own language as well as support you in finding relevant partners.

Our Project Managers provide the in-depth consultations to the projects planning to submit the application. The programme strongly recommends having at least one, preferably several, consultations. Please note that consultations are ended two weeks before the deadline of the call. After this moment, the Joint Secretariat focuses support to earlier consulted projects and their practical questions in filling in the application form.

  • Use the Project idea form to define the project idea in the preparation phase of the project and think about the central questions to prepare for consultations.

The application phase is in two steps, meaning that after the first step, feedback on the idea is already given for the applicants. Only the strategically best ideas will be asked to fill in the whole application with all annexes in the second step.

All information and documents will be submitted via joint electronic monitoring system Jems during the call for project proposals.

Key Documents

Detailed information about the criteria for funding, who can apply and how to apply are available in the Programme Manual and Guide for Applying for a Project.  Please also see the other supporting documents that need to be attached to the application package.