6. Improved employment opportunities on labour market

As a result of cross-border cooperation, people’s competitiveness on labour market and entrepreneurship capabilities are improved and additional anti-discriminatory policies are applied by organisations.

The focus of the programme objective is to strengthen and improve employment opportunities on the labour market through joint efforts in the Central Baltic region. The programme activities support less competitive groups in the society to access work opportunities. Also labour market inflexibility is tackled.

The supported activities are targeted towards all counterparts of the labour market (i.e. employers organisations, trade unions, governments) and all sectors where work opportunities (including part time) are available. Facilitating employment supply and demand across borders is also supported, as well as entrepreneurship development activities towards the less competitive age groups and youth.

Types of partners

Organisations with competence and experience on labour market, organisations representing employees, employers or public authorities, organisations representing disadvantaged groups, and organisations with competence and experience on entrepreneurship.

Indicative list of actions supported
  • Awareness raising among target groups
  • Designing and implementing trainings
  • Incentives and services for employers
  • Networking and dialogues between counterparts of labour market
  • Digital tools for online skills development and working
  • Entrepreneurship enhancing simulations and problem-solving exercises
  • Mobility of participants
  • Experience exchange and learning as result of joint implementation
The main target groups

Less competitive groups (including young people under 25, people in pre-retirement, retired people, immigrants, and people with special needs and other less competitive groups) and companies.

Result indicators
  1. Number of people with increased competitiveness on labour market
  2. Number of organisations with applied anti-discriminatory policies
  3. Number of people with increased entrepreneurship
Output indicators
  • Participations in joint actions across borders
    –> the organisations/companies with the result indicator 2
  • The individuals (target group participants)
    -> with the result indicators 1 and 3
  • Organisations co-operating across borders

Contact person:

Laura Cunska-Āboma
Project Manager
+358 40 182 6487