Programme Objectives

We fund projects in seven programme objectives. The aims of the programme are defined as Programme Objectives and are illustrated through the result indicators. 
The result indicators capture the change that the programme wants to achieve in the region. As projects are assessed based on their relevance for the programme and on how well they help the programme reach its objectives, projects should directly contribute to the result indicators to be funded.  

As a result, companies achieve sales and contracts on target markets.

As a result, companies achieve scaled-up status as, for example attract investment, develop new product or expand their team.

As a result, product and service cycles and chains are improved.

As a result, the load of nutrients and other harmful substances to the Baltic Sea is reduced from various sources.

As a result, CO2 emissions are reduced from intermodal transport nodes and areas.

As a result, people’s competitiveness on labour market and entrepreneurship capabilities are improved and additional anti-discriminatory policies are applied by organisations.

As a result, solutions are taken up or upscaled by organisations.