Key Documents

Programme Documents

Programme Manual

Programme Manual is written for the project applicants and beneficiaries. It gives you the basic information needed both when applying for project funding and while implementing your project.

The Programme Manual was updated to 4.0 on 19.06.2023. The updates are described on the last page of the Programme Manual.

Programme Document

The Programme document defines in detail the structure and functions of the Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027. It was adopted by the European Commission on 7 June, 2022.

Application documents


Guide for Applying for a Project 4.0 (small projects)

This guide will take you through the process of applying for funding in the Third call. It also functions as a step-by-step guidance on how to fill in the application form. It should be used side by side with the Programme Manual.

The guide was updated to version 4.0 on 19.06.2023.


Guide for Applying for a Project 3.0

This guide will take you through the process of applying for funding in the second call.

The guide was updated to version 3.0 on 24.11.2022

Project idea form

The Project idea form can be used by project applicants for defining the project idea in the preparation phase of the project.

It can also be sent to the Joint Secretariat as an initial presentation of the idea. The Project idea form is not an Application form.

Letter of intent

The Letter of intent is used to confirm the willingness of partners in regular projects during the first step.

Declaration of financial capacity to undertake project activities

Declaration of financial capacity has to be filled in by NGO’s and private partners to confirm that they have the financial capacity required to implement a project.
It is needed for applying in the second step.

Partner Contribution Statement

The partner contribution statement provides information on the co-financing for each project partner. 

Confirmation Letter

The Confirmation letter provides a signature to the project Application Form and completes the application. It must be added to Jems before submission of the Application Form.