Call calendar

The programme uses calls with an opening and closing date. The applications must be submitted between these dates. By default, when a call opens, all priorities of the programme will be open to applications.

However, depending on the specific demand for certain topics or the availability of funding, especially later in the programme period, restrictions might become necessary. These will also be announced on the programme website. 

The call is launched and stays open for a predefined time. During this timeframe, the applicant should submit the light version of the Application Form to the Joint Secretariat through the joint electronic monitoring system Jems.

Call for applicationsLaunch of the callDeadline of the callAvailable funds (mEUR)
Call 110 February 202231 March, 2022118
Call 2spring 2023spring 202359
Call 3late 2024late 202424
Call 4late 2025early 202612
Call calendar: updated in November 2021

The Jems system is foreseen to be open for applications between 10 February and 31 March. It must be noted that the timeline may change if the approval process with the Commission would deem it necessary.

It is strongly recommended for the applicant to get in touch with the Joint Secretariat as early as possible in the planning phase. The Joint Secretariat organises series of applicant seminars for each call as well as provides individual consultations. All applicants are expected to make contact with the Joint Secretariat programme managers before the submission of the application.  

As for the project partners, these can be public organisations, NGOs and private partners according to relevance in project implementation.

After the call is closed, the Joint Secretariat assesses the submitted proposals.