2. More new scaled-up growth companies

As a result of cross-border cooperation companies are expected to achieve scaled-up status as, for example attracted investment, developed new product or expanded team.

The programme objective tackles the challenges of scaling up the activities of new growth companies. New companies with potential to grow and to use the potential of Central Baltic start-up ecosystems will be supported. They should have the necessary product development capacities and ambition to grow. They should target scaling up (raising investments, establishing presence outside of the home market or developing business models) their businesses.

The partner organisations identify the potential participant companies’ ambition to grow.

Types of partners

Non-commercial organisations with competence and experience for new business development, product development and internationalisation, such as business development organisations, science parks, associations of companies and regional development agencies.

Indicative list of actions supported
  • Awareness raising
  • Product development
  • Process development and digitalisation
  • Skills development
  • Market opportunities research
  • Branding and marketing
  • Business model development and expansion of operations
  • Experience exchange and learning as result of joint implementation

Any project should use a suitable mix of these actions based on the project topic. The chosen mix of actions must be relevant for achieving the contribution to both the project and programme results.

The main target groups

New companies with scaling-up challenges and ambition. All sectors where growth potential and joint interest exists are targeted.

Result indicator

Number of scaled-up new growth companies

Output indicators
  • Enterprises with non-financial support
  • Organisations co-operating across borders

Contact person:

Ülari Alamets
Project Manager
+358 40 148 3901