Central Baltic Morning Coffee

Event Details

On June 9, between 08.00-10.00 (FIN), Central Baltic organizes a relaxed networking event at Indigo, for those who want to get acquainted with the programme and have the possibility to find project partners. Kennet Lundström, from Sottunga municipality, shares his experiences of participating in Central Baltic projects. The perfect event to start your Åland 100 celebration.

Menu for the event; coffee/tea, Granna’s apple juice, Brödbiten’s seed roll with Ålandsmejeriet’s cheese and Dahlman’s ham & vegetables, smoothie on Ålandsmejeriet’s natural yoghurt, honey from Åland & Finnish strawberries. Free of charge for the participants. 

For further information, please contact
Dan Sundqvist, national Contact Point (Åland),
dan.sundqvist@regeringen.ax or +358 18 25 107