Breakfast Event on Åland Islands

Event Details

This event is held in Swedish on Åland Islands.

Start your day with an extra dose of inspiration and collaboration! On August 22nd, we invite you to an exciting morning of networking and knowledge-sharing at our Breakfast Event with the theme Projects on Åland. This is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with the Åland project community, share insights, and explore collaboration possibilities.

Whether you’re an experienced project manager, a local stakeholder, or curious about engaging in Åland’s dynamic project scene, this event is tailored just for you.

Here’s what awaits you:

🤝 Project network: Opportunity to meet and connect with people who share your passion for projects within the Åland context. Build a strong network that could be the key to future collaborations.

🗣️ Experience exchange: Share your project journeys and learnings with fellow participants. Listen to success stories and challenges from Åland projects and gain insights that can help you navigate the local project landscape.

🌟 Discussions about challenges: Participate in open conversations about the specific project challenges Åland is facing. Together, we explore solutions and strategies to promote successful projects in Åland.

🔍 Focus on local knowledge: Explore project-related topics relevant to Åland. Discover how you can leverage local expertise and community resources to succeed in your projects.

Just as a nutritious breakfast provides you with strength for the day, this event can provide you with the knowledge and relationships you need to thrive in the project world in Åland!

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore and contribute to the Åland project community. ☕

This event is organized by the nCP of Åland.