Targeted Call for Regular Project Proposals (first submission)

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As part of the Fourth round of calls in 2024, the Targeted Call for Regular Project Proposals will be launched on January 9, 2024, and conclude on October 31, 2024.

Given the programme area’s expansion and additional funding*, this targeted call is crucial for fostering cross-border cooperation, particularly with our EU external border regions.

Consequently, this call is tailored for regular projects with a distinct requirement related to partnership formation: either the Lead Partner or at least half of the project partners must originate from the EU external border regions within the programme area:

– In Finland: Etelä-Savo, Etelä-Karjala, Kymenlaakso
– In Estonia: Kesk-Eesti, Kirde-Eesti, Lõuna-Eesti
– In Latvia: Latgale, Vidzeme

The targeted call is open for all Programme Objectives. The call package, including the Applicant guide and application documents, were published in January 2024.

The submission of regular project proposals to the targeted call aligns with the other call for regular projects and is also done in two steps: first in April and second in October.

First-step application phase

First-step applications are to be submitted in the Jems system between
April 9 and April 30, 2024, by noon Eastern European Time (corresponding local time 12:00 in Finland, including Åland, Estonia, Latvia, and 11:00 in Sweden).

First decisions

Decisions regarding the first step of regular project applications will be made by the Monitoring Committee on 10-11 September 2024, and the list of approved project acronyms will be published on the programme website after the meeting, based on the Monitoring Committee’s decisions.

Second-step application phase

Second-step application phase continues for regular projects which will be selected to proceed to the second step. These projects must submit their applications in Jems between October 10 and October 31, 2024, by noon Eastern European Time (corresponding local time 12:00 in Finland, including Åland, Estonia, Latvia, and 11:00 in Sweden).

Final decisions

Final decisions for regular projects in the second step will be made by the Monitoring Committee in mid-February 2025.

Up to 30 MEUR will be reserved for the targeted call for regular project proposals with partners from EU external regions.

*Disclaimer: Due to Russia’s military actions against Ukraine and the subsequent suspension of funding programmes with Russia and Belarus, the Central Baltic Programme expanded its geographical scope and received additional funding. This expansion was approved by the European Commission at the end of 2023. This expansion included the integration of two additional regions, namely Etelä-Savo in Finland and Latgale in Latvia.


Here are some straightforward tips to help you succeed in the application process.

Start your idea now: If you’re keen on applying for funding for a cross-border project, start working on your ideas right away. Check out the advice in the section dedicated to applicants.

Join our support events: We organise events throughout the year to guide and assist potential applicants. Take a look at the list of events designed to help you prepare for the fourth round of calls: 2024 Applicant Support Events

Try the Partner Search Tool: Our new Partner Search Tool is a handy resource for finding partners across borders to develop your project together. Join the network, connect with others, and build collaborations.

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Partner Search Tool

Talk to us about your project idea: Consult your project idea with the Joint Secretariat already in the development phase. For starting projects, consider consulting with your National Contact Points to see if your idea fits the Programme. See our Contacts.

Read the important documents: To understand the challenges, activities, and expected results, read the Programme Manual carefully. Also, check out specific rules for the type of project you want to apply for. Remember, the call package, including the Applicant guide and application documents are available on our website.

See also the related news: Guidance materials published

We appreciate your attention to these details and look forward to getting your cross-border project proposals. If you have any questions or need more info, feel free to reach out.