First call for proposals: 31 regular projects approved for funding

As a result of the first call and second step, the Monitoring Committee selected 31 regular project ideas for funding. These projects will start improving lives in our region by solving common problems and working on joint opportunities – together and across borders.

The Joint Secretariat will contact the projects selected for funding in the coming days. Below is the list of project acronyms selected for funding (presented per Programme Objectives in alphabetical order).

Programme Objective 1 – More exports by SMEs
  • BreedExpo2
  • Bridging4Growth
  • INGOs
  • LEF network Azerbaijan
Programme Objective 2 – More new scaled-up growth companies
  • Baltic Impact Accelerator
  • Scaleup Launchpad
Programme Objective 3 – Joint circular economy solutions
  • Ce4Re
  • TransFarm
Programme Objective 4 – Improved coastal and marine environment
  • BalticReed
  • Re:Fish
  • StoPWa
  • Sustainable Silage
Programme Objective 5 – Decreased CO2 emissions
  • Sustainable Flow
Programme Objective 6 – Improved employment opportunities on labour market
  • CBYE
  • CeMeWE
  • Silver Entrepreneurs
  • Silver Strategies
  • SocEntYouth
  • Take the Challenge!
  • Tour4Youth
  • WE C Business
  • Wood for Youth
Programme Objective 7 – Improved public services and solutions for the citizens
  • SuRuMo

Based on the 7 Programme Objectives addressed in the first call, the 31 approved regular projects will implement concrete actions which reflect the most relevant challenges and needs of the participating countries (Estonia, Finland, including Åland, Latvia, and Sweden) in the fields of business development, environment and resource use, employment opportunities and public services.

The members of the Monitoring Committee met in Helsinki on 20 December 2022. The Monitoring Committee is composed of national, regional, local and social representatives of the participating countries/Åland.

Regular projects approved for funding in the first call (per Programme Objectives)
Information about the rejected projects

Projects rejected by the Monitoring Committee can expect an Administrative Decision on Rejecting the Project Proposal from the Managing Authority from February 2023. This document contains the reasoning for the rejection (protocol note of the respective Monitoring Committee meeting) as well as information regarding the possibility of appealing against this Managing Authority’s administrative decision.

The first call resulted in funding 32 cross-border projects

The first call resulted in 32 cross-border projects (one small and 31 regular projects) being the first ones implemented in the Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027.

In total, 38% of the project applications were approved by the Monitoring Committee. Out of 118 million ERDF, the Programme will allocate 43 million euros (36%) to approved projects (including one small project) in the first call.

All in all, the Programme received 82 project applications for the first call, which closed in March 2022. Out of those, 80 were regular project applications and 2 were small project applications. After the first round, one small project was approved for funding and 36 regular projects were selected to continue to the second step application phase.

More statistics on the first call will be published at the beginning of the year 2023.

Next opportunity for funding: second call for applications

Funding will remain available for all Programme Objectives in the second call of applications. Project applications must be submitted in Jems between 20 February 2023 and 10 March 2023 at 12:00 (EET). Read more from below: