Find your new project partners with our new tool!

We’re delighted to introduce the new Partner Search Tool, created to be your resource for building cross-border collaborations in the Central Baltic region.

If you’re contemplating turning your project ideas into reality and making a positive impact, this tool is here to help.

Here’s what you can do with it:

  1. Connect with others: Find partners who share your vision, engage in collaborative brainstorming sessions, and transform your project dreams into concrete plans.
  2. Prepare your project proposal: This tool helps you team up with partners to get your project applications in top shape to increase your chances of getting funding.
  3. Stay connected: Keep the conversation going with your project team members.
  4. Get inspired: This tool also showcases other inspiring ideas to join forces and contribute to the development of the Central Baltic region.

As the Central Baltic region continues to offer opportunities for innovative and sustainable projects, this tool supports you in turning your aspirations into reality.

The Partner Search Tool simplifies collaboration by connecting you with like-minded individuals who share the common goal of creating a positive impact in the region.

Explore the possibilities of the Partner Search Tool:

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey. We look forward to seeing the collaborations that will unfold with the help of our new Partner Search Tool.