Invitation to Citizens: Have Your Say in the Future of INTERREG!

Dear Citizens of the Central Baltic Region,

The Interreg Central Baltic Programme invites you to participate in an online survey to shape cross-border cooperation beyond 2027. All citizens from Estonia, Finland (including Åland), Latvia, and Sweden are warmly welcome to share their thoughts.

What is Interreg?

Interreg is a group of EU funding programmes that foster collaboration among countries to reduce the impact of national borders and ensure similar living standards across Europe. For example, the Central Baltic programme focuses on supporting business development, job creation, public services, and environmental aspects in Sweden, Finland, Åland, Estonia, and Latvia.

Why Your Participation Matters?

Your voice is crucial in shaping the future of interregional cooperation. Whether you’ve worked with people from neighbouring countries, participated in an Interreg project, or observed its impact, your insights are invaluable. Even if you haven’t had such experiences, your perspective is essential.

Calling all citizens: Have your say in the future of Interreg
How to participate:

We invite you to share your thoughts through a short, anonymous survey with five open-ended questions. The online survey is available in English, Estonian, Finnish, Latvian and Swedish and will remain open until 16 August 2024.

What’s next?

We will compile a report summarising the consultation results for submission to the European Commission, which will also be available on our website. Your feedback will impact future plans for the Cohesion Policy and Interreg Programmes, guiding priorities and funding allocations for the post-2027 period in the Central Baltic Programme area.

Your participation matters. Have your say and help shape the future together!

Thank you for taking the time to respond to the citizen survey