New National Contact Point for Finland – Get in touch with Viola Mickos

We are thrilled to announce Viola Mickos as the latest addition to our team, stepping into the role of National Contact Point for Finland. This change marks a new chapter for us as we extend our warmest gratitude to Safira Schubak, our former contact point, who has made remarkable contributions and is now embarking on a new journey.

Based in Helsinki, Viola will collaborate closely with local partners to champion our programme and raise awareness about the positive impacts of our funded projects. At the top of Viola’s list is ensuring that projects from all regions (nine regions in Finland as of 2024) feel welcome and supported.

As your guide through funding opportunities, Viola is ready to address your queries and assist in partner searches for your project. With a background in communication and media monitoring, her expertise promises to enhance our outreach efforts, emphasising target-focused and accessible communication.

If you have a question or wish connect with Viola Mickos, feel free to reach out to her at or by phone at +358 45 133 5854. Viola can be contacted in both Finnish and Swedish as well as in English.

Photo of Viola Mickos, the National Contact Point for Finland
Viola Mickos, the National Contact Point for Finland