Read our updated Programme Manual and Guide for Applying for a Project (versions 2.0)

The Programme Manual and Guide for Applying for a Project are both updated to version 2.0 on 9 February 2022 with clarifications on various issues.  

Updates in the Programme Manual 2.0

The main update concerns the addition of the Assessment methodology (chapter 3.4.) and we have also integrated a few clarifications of already existing information. The version updates are described on the last page of the Programme Manual.  

The Programme Manual is the most important document available for the project applicants and beneficiaries to give the key information needed both when applying for funding and while implementing your project.  

Updates in the Guide for Applying for a Project 2.0

The guide texts were specified in several places. It should be carefully read while filling in the application form in the joint electronic monitoring system Jems. 

Note that regular projects are asked to give an indicative total project budget and an indicative budget per partner in the project summary in the first step of submitting the application. In the first step, the project partnership is expected to be more or less in place, and the application should indicate if it is likely that some partners will still be added. The Guide for Applying for a Project has more details on these.