The deadline for the first call for project applications is approaching

Dear project applicants! 

The deadline for the first call for project applications is approaching. The applications must filled in and submitted electronically in the system Jems before the call closes on 31 March 2022 at 12:00 (EEST). 

This means that application form in Jems will automatically close exactly on the end time of the call, and after that it is not possible to submit an application. 
Please note that you should not leave filling in the application form to the last days before the deadline. You should aim at filling in and submitting your application in good time, avoiding any problems due to the lack of time.  

The possibility to answer questions or solve technical issues quickly may be limited close to the deadline of a call. Should you encounter problems with Jems, forgot your password or need any other technical support, contact our dedicated helpdesk With content related questions, be in contact with the Project Managers at the Joint Secretariat. 

The application form and relevant obligatory attachments can be submitted through Jems 
only. Obligatory attachments, preferably in the form of .pdf documents, must be uploaded 
to Jems before submitting the application. 

Technical note for the applicants: 

  • While finalising the regular project applications in Jems, there is no pre-submission check in place for the 1st step. The check is not a substitute for the project’s own check and does not remove their responsibility for checking that the information is complete and correct. This applies also to small projects.
  • The current version of Jems doesn’t support all file formats, including electronic signature formats. Please provide signatures either as signed and scanned documents or as PDF versions. If neither option is available, we will ask and receive documents as part of our admissibility check by e-mail.
  • The export function in Jems didn’t function. The issue was reported to the system provider and fixed on 25 March. Note that the assessment of the applications is done based on information in the Jems application, so this doesn’t affect the formal submission or assessment.

If you will not make it by the deadline, there will be further opportunities for applying for funding, please refer to the call timetable on our website at