The first decisions on the first round of applications will be made next week

The programme’s first Monitoring Committee (MC) meeting will take place on 28-29 June 2022 in Helsinki.

The MC will decide which small project applications submitted for the first call will be funded. The MC will also select regular project applications submitted for the first call to continue to the second step application phase.

The names of the approved projects will be published on the programme website right after the MC meeting has been closed (planned for 29 June evening). The deadline for the second step application phase for the regular projects will be will also be announced at that time.

The approved projects will be assigned a contact person in the Joint Secretariat (JS) in the days after the MC meeting. The JS will be in contact with the Lead Partner regarding how the process continues (applies to both small and regular projects). The rejected projects will receive formal administrative decisions explaining the reason for rejection. These will be sent out once the MC minutes have been approved, so realistically after summer. Projects may after this contact the JS to get more information on the rejection and guidance on potential next steps.

The Monitoring Committee is composed of national, regional, local and social representatives of the participating countries/ Åland.

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