The third call has concluded with 23 project proposals

The third call for (small) project proposals officially closed on 16 October 2023 at 12:00 (EEST). In total, 23 project proposals were timely submitted to Jems regarding the third call.

The Programme strongly encouraged the development of small project proposals for two Programme Objectives, as they are well-suited to achieving the expected results. Here’s the breakdown of project applications received for these objectives:

• For Programme Objective 6: Improved Employment Opportunities on the Labor Market, 18 project proposals were submitted.

• For Programme Objective 7: Improved Public Services and Solutions for the Citizens, 5 project proposals were submitted.

We would like to thank our applicants for their punctual submission of project applications in Jems. A more comprehensive statistical overview is available here:

Please take note that the timing of this call was synchronised with the submission of second call second-step applications for regular projects. In the second step of the second call, all 24 selected projects were submitted.

Next Steps

The Joint Secretariat is evaluating the applications received. Decisions will be made by the Monitoring Committee, comprising representatives from each participating Member State. This decision-making meeting is scheduled for 6-7 February 2024, concurrent with the final approval of regular projects in the second step. The list of approved small project acronyms and regular projects will be promptly published on the programme’s website following the Monitoring Committee’s decisions.

We wish all applicants the best of luck in the evaluation process!

23 small project proposals were submitted to the Third call
23 small project proposals were submitted to the Third call