Updated Programme Manual 4.1 and key documents for projects now available

The updated versions of the Programme Manual (4.1) and Guide for Project Implementation (2.0), along with several templates for the projects, are published on website on October 9, 2023.

Programme Manual 4.1

The updates in the Programme Manual primarily consist of clarifications for the implementation phase of projects, giving clearer explanations of the European Commission’s and the programme’s expectations towards project implementation. The recent update to the GBER Regulation has also been considered, increasing the amount of aid one participating company can receive.

Guide for Project Implementation 2.0

The updated guide version includes small clarifications to earlier published guidance based on the questions received from projects, Jems updates and clarifications received from the Commission. The bigger elements which are added in Guide are chapters about project level reporting (9.5. Project report) and project modifications (10. Project modifications). In addition, we have added clarification and guidance on the use of project logos and other visuals (5.2. The Interreg Brand).

You can find a comprehensive list of all updates and changes in the Programme Manual to 4.1 and Guide for Implementing a Project to 2.0 in the Annexes of both documents.

Supporting templates

In addition to the above-mentioned documents, we have published several supporting templates for the implementing projects:

  1. Updated version of Report of Hours and Employment Confirmation (Report of hours)
  2. Confirmation letter to the project report
  3. Output and result indicator templates for Programme Objectives
  4. GBER (General Block Exemption Regulation) Art 20a monitoring template
  5. Project modifications template
  6. Midterm meeting template

We hope that you find the updates in the Programme Manual and the Guide for Implementing a Project helpful in your project implementation.