Updated Programme Manual and Guide for Applying for a Project (versions 2.1) are published

The Programme Manual and Guide for Applying for a Project are both updated to version 2.1 on 31 August 2022.  

Updates in the Programme Manual 2.1

This update was scheduled to happen once the European Commission has approved our programme document. During the negotiations with the Commission, the output indicators were discussed and confirmed. The Programme Manual now contains the final and approved wordings of all output indicators.

  • The changes were of a purely technical nature, not in any way affecting the content and expected results of the Programme Objectives. The same changes will soon be applied in the Application Form in Jems.
  • Another update made after discussions with the Commission is the specified requirement for all projects to consider equal opportunities and non-discrimination especially in all their learning and training activities.
  • Some minor spelling mistakes or edits to add clarity have also been made. The content of the guidance has not changed.

The Programme Manual is the most important document available for the project applicants and beneficiaries to give the key information needed both when applying for funding and while implementing your project.  

Updates in the Guide for Applying for a Project 2.1

The updates for the Guide for applying have mainly been made to the parts concerning the partner budget and the work plan.

  • The guidance on how to fill in the budget has been clarified and additional explanations have been added.
  • More information on what needs to be considered when planning the work plan structure and setting the baseline for project results is also in place.
  • Information on which attachments are needed in different application steps and for different partner types has been added as well.

The guide should be carefully read while filling in the application form in the joint electronic monitoring system Jems. 

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