Updated versions (3.0) of the Programme Manual and Guide for Applying for a Project are available

A new version (3.0) of the Programme Manual and Guide for Applying for a Project are being published on 24 November 2022 as part of the second call for applications. The documents have been revised in various aspects.

Updates in the Programme Manual 3.0

A revision was made in communication requirements as well as fiches. In addition, the Programme Manual and Application Form references for assessment criteria were aligned. The version updates are described on the last page of the Programme Manual.  

The Programme Manual is the most important document available for the project applicants and beneficiaries to give the key information needed both when applying for funding and while implementing your project.  

Updates in the Guide for Applying for a Project 3.0

The updates for the Guide for applying:

  • The guidance on when to fill in the explanation on the projects’ impact to horizontal principles has been clarified.
  • The guidance on how to insert the face-to-face events into the budget when using the unit cost has been specified.

The guide should be carefully read while filling in the application form in the joint electronic monitoring system Jems.

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