The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

FinEst link project results

Wednesday, 7 February, 2018
This year many of our projects will end. Among those is FinEst Link - a project that studied the economic and technical feasibility of a fixed link between Helsinki and Tallinn. The project, is presenting its results at its final conference today in Tallinn. 

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Last year we got to celebrate the ending of our first projects, such as Let Us Be Active!, EDU-SMEs and EmpowerKids. Also, our Interrreg Volunteer Sofia wrote a short summary about the project results from 2017. ... Read more
The Staff cost tool has just been updated. Version 1.1 is now availabe here. The Tool now uses comma instead of dot in numbers. This change enables the copy-pasting of the staff cost from the tool to eMS. The underlying calculations have not been changed.

Always remember to use the latest version for reporting!

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Our national Contact Points in spotlight

Monday, 22 January, 2018
Our national Contact Points are the link between the programme and the regions. They inform about the funding opportunities and provide first information for potential applicants. Contact Points also help with partner search and matchmaking. In addition, they follow projects closely to share/spread project results and communicate the benefits of cross-border cooperation. 

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This week end Central Baltic projects St. Olav WaterwayBoostedBaltacar and PortMate are participating in the Matka nordic travel fair starting today in Helsinki to present their projects to other tourism professionals.

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Synergies in the field of tourism

Tuesday, 16 January, 2018
Good practices from Central Baltic projects DefenceArch, LightsOn! and St. Olav Waterway

DefenceArch, LightsOn! and St. Olav Waterway, are three of the 97 projects currently founded by the Central Baltic programme and they all belong to specific objective 2.1 — natural resources developed into sustainable tourism attractions. All Central Baltic projects tackle their challenges with cross-border cooperation in mind and DefenceArch, LightsOn! and St. Olav Waterway are a good example of it.

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The Central Baltic programme is active on many fronts in communication. Sometimes it can be confusing as to what is found and where. This post contains a summary of locations and files that our projects should be aware of.

Social Media

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A big thank you to everyone involved in the Central Baltic programme during 2017. Also a big hug to our projects -- it has been great following cross-border cooperation in action through various outlets (e.g. the Facebook Communication Network). Now it is time to take a short break, settle down and celebrate Christmas (many staff members are on holiday until next year). See you in 2018! ... Read more

​A new tool to EmpowerKids

Thursday, 21 December, 2017

Health education and social advices to support smart lifestyle choices in children

The seminar

Last week, the final seminar of Central Baltic project EmpowerKids took place in Turku, Finland. The seminar focused on how well-being and citizen empowerment are integrated into city/ national policies as well as on the activities implemented in the framework of the project.

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Throughout the year, we have gathered experiences and suggestions about our webpage – what are the things our visitors are interested in, how they are using the site and which parts could be improved. We took all this information and realised many improvements in one go. Read below to find out more.

Programme description

One of the comments we have been getting is that the meaning of the programme is not clear on the landing page. To improve on this, we added a simple one-sentence description of the Central Baltic. ... Read more