Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027 is launched!

The long-awaited day has arrived as the new Interreg Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027 is officially launched!

The launch event took place online on 15 November 2021. More than 460 participants from the whole region and beyond attended the launch event to celebrate together that the programme is approved by the Member States.

In the next seven years, the programme will invest more than 118 million euros of EU funding in cross-border cooperation projects. Over the programming periods, the cooperation has strengthened, trust has been built and we have moved to a truly result-oriented programme. A big thank you to our regional and national stakeholders for making the programme fit to the needs of our regions.

As for the launch event, the participants were guided through how the Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027 came into being and how it will work in the future. Information was shared by the Head of Managing Authority, Merike Niitepõld and two people involved in the work from the regions, Filip Reinhag from Gotland and Toni Vanhala from Kymenlaakso region. In addition, there were four Project Managers (names and contacts are presented below) in the studio who explained the new cross-border cooperation funding possibilities under 7 programme objectives.

Key documents are published

With launching the new programme, we will enter a preparatory phase during which potential applicants can start the detailed preparation of their ideas and applications. The pre-call has started with publishing the following applicant guidance documents under Key materials:

These two documents will give you all the information you need to start preparing your application in full detail.

First call dates are announced!

The first call for project proposals to the Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027 will be open in the period 10 February to 31 March, 2022. During that time, the joint electronic monitoring system Jems will be open for filling in the application. The deadline is at 12 Finnish time.

The next stage is consultations and support

You are warmly invited to register for the upcoming events. We will also open for official consultations from today to support developing good project ideas for applying for the first call.

  1. Register for the Project Applicant seminars
    The Joint Secretariat will organise eight thematic Project Applicant Seminars online between 30 November – 3 December. The seminars will help to look for partners and to prepare a good project proposal for the first call. Registration is open until 25 November 2021. Register here.
  2. Book a personal consultation time with the Joint Secretariat
    Our Project Managers (see the contacts below) are ready to provide the in-depth consultations to the projects planning to submit the application for the first call. The programme strongly recommends having at least one, preferably several, consultations. Please note that consultations are ended two weeks before the deadline of the call. After this moment, the Joint Secretariat focuses support to earlier consulted projects and their practical questions in filling in the application form.

Use the Project idea form to define the project idea in the preparation phase of the project and think about the central questions to prepare for consultations.

Book a consultation with our Project Managers:

1. More exports by SMEs
2. More new scaled-up growth companies

Ülari Alamets
Project Manager
+358 4014 83901

3. Joint circular economy solutions
4. Improved coastal and marine environment
5. Decreased CO2 emissions

Samu Numminen
Project Manager
+358 4005 32092

6. Improved employment opportunities on labour market

Laura Cunska-Āboma
Project Manager
+358 4018 26487

7. Improved public services and solutions for the citizens

Normunds Strautmanis
Project Manager
+358 4018 11928

Disclaimer: The approval of a new programme is a collaboration between the regions and participating Member States and the Commission. We have received Commission feedback throughout the process, but once we submit the programme, the so-called formal process and interservice consultation in the Commission starts. For us this means that after today’s celebration we still have to work hard. For you this means that you should be aware that some updates to the programme document and Programme Manual can still come. We will update and inform if something relevant happens.

The Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027 is a EU cross-border cooperation programme. Its scope is to finance high quality projects with European Regional Development Funds in Finland (including Åland), Estonia, Latvia and Sweden, that aim at solving common challenges together and across borders.

We have now launched the new website for our 2021-2027 programme!