One week away: Submission for Regular Projects Opens on April 9, 2024

We at the Central Baltic Programme are pleased to remind you about the approaching deadline for submitting regular project proposals for the Fourth Round of Calls. From April 9th, you can submit your regular project applications that cross borders and bring about positive change.

Key details

The submission will open for two calls for regular projects, each covering all Programme Objectives but differing in scope.

  • First Step (Regular projects): April 9 to April 30, 2024 (noon EET). The deadline is at noon in Finland, Estonia and Latvia and at 11:00 in Sweden.
  • Second Step (Selected regular projects): October 10 to October 31, 2024.

In the first step, regular project applications can be submitted under all seven Programme Objectives:

7 Programme Objectives

Indicatively, up to 40 million euros are reserved for the call for regular project proposals. Additionally, up to 30 million euros are reserved for the targeted call for regular project proposals.

Your action steps

  1. Polish your project idea:
    • Refine your innovative concepts.
    • Align them with one Programme Objective.
    • Think cross-border impact!
  2. Consult the Guide:
  3. Collaborate and connect:
    • Engage with potential partners.
    • Explore opportunities for collaboration.
    • Build strong partnerships.

Get ready to submit your idea for funding.


Click below to enter Jems to register and start filling in the application when the submission period has arrived.

If you encounter any problems with Jems, forgot your password or need any other technical support, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated help desk