Public Tendering for Sustainable Flow Digital Tool Is Open

The Sustainable Flow project is to develop an open access digital tool to support CO₂ reduction and energy saving measures in the seven pilot ports. Call for tenders for the digital tool has begun and is open till August 2, 2024.

The digital tool has been called with a tentative name of “CO₂ and logistics activity digital tool”, and it will be used in seven Sustainable Flow pilot ports (Rauma, Pori, Norrköping, Tallinn, Oxelösund, Mariehamn, Riga). The tool will help the ports to reduce and calculate CO emission in the port, and also make the logistic chain more efficient.

As stated in the procurement description, “The basic principle of the CO and logistics activity ICT application is to identify different emission sources, calculate emissions and improve the port’s logistic chain (intermodal/multimodal). Based on the gathered data ICT tool will also include “Guidance Tool” to help ports to improve their energy efficiency and decrease their CO emissions.”

The investment budget for the is set to 525,000.00 € (including VAT), and the overall timetable for the procurement process is the following:

  • Last day for questions, on the 22th of July, 2024
  • Last tender day, on the 2nd of August, 2024
  • Evaluation, Award Decision and tender noticing by the 4th of September, 2024
  • Contract signing, by the 20th of September, at the latest
  • Contract Award Notice, 30 days after Contract signing

Offers are to be submitted through Cloudia Tendering Portal:

Viewing all the information requires registration to the service. Any additional questions regarding the procurement should be sent via the Cloudia Tendering Portal.