Scaleup Launchpad

The Scaleup Launchpad project is a joined cross border initiative together with Tartu Science Park, Business Tampere and Norrköping Science Park funded by Interreg Central Baltic -program. The project organises two scaleup programs, which will help selected companies to develop their business around four thematic topics: strategy, finance, people and opening new markets as those are the main pain points of scaleups.

Core idea is with the help cross border innovative business ideas, we can also bring these three regions closer for each other and share knowhow, innovation and expertise as all are developing smart cities heading towards climate neutrality.

Expected results

The Scaleup Launchpad -programme have by the end of the year 2025 successfully coordinated two programs, which have generated 10-15 new scaleup companies from Central Baltic region. Besides the generating scaleups with the programme, selected training sessions are made available for online streaming, making it possible wider impact on business environment. When we have these companies implementing their solutions across cities, we are looking to see those companies growing and at same time make our living environment a bit better an innovation by innovation.

Duration 01.01.2023 - 31.12.2025

Total budget

Programme priority

Innovative Business Development

Programme objective

PO2 - More new scaled-up growth companies

Lead partner

Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Business Tampere

Project Events

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