Wood for Youth

Wood for Youth project main challenge is related to attracting youth to study practical skills that are needed for the industry, and therefore for the economy. Project is piloting and creating interactive trainings programs with practical trainings to raise youngsters competitiveness in woodhouse industry.

But why wood? Construction industry is changing – it needs low carbon footprint solutions. Therefore, sector is in a demand of motivated and qualified new labor who have competitive skills to lead the transformation in construction industry.

Expected results

One of the prerequisites for developing the training programs is understanding the characteristics of the target group – what is their motivation, aspiration, preferred study methods etc. The goal is to utilize the gathered know-how in the process of development of the training programs, to offer modern and attractive study methods and increase the motivation of students to enroll in the training programs and build their career in well-paid future vacancies at woodhouse industry. Wood for Youth project is targeting to train 150 youngsters, who will have the opportunity to widen their skillset and increase their competitiveness not only in woodhouse industry but as well in overall construction sector.

Duration 01.03.2023 - 28.02.2026

Total budget

Programme priority

Improved employment opportunities

Programme objective

PO6 - Improved employment opportunities on labour market

Lead partner

Estonian Woodhouse Association

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