Updated version 1.1 of the Programme Manual is published

The Programme Manual – the main document for preparing and implementing a Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027 project – has been updated to version 1.1 (published 13 December 2021).

The updates consist mostly of corrections on various issues. A complete list of the changes from the earlier version of the document can be found below and on the last page of the Manual.

  • The programme logo and related communication information is updated as the new brand design manual has been released following the final instructions from the Commission, p 95.
  • The word “equipment” was missing from one place for the project management equipment unit cost and has been added, p 87.
  • SME participation has been corrected from being mentioned for PO3 and PO5 to PO4 and PO5, p 46.
  • 4 000 0000 corrected to 4 000 000 in Table 2, page 41.
  • Reference to partner search tool under GBER removed as redundant, p 91.
  • Scope of the Second level audits for Simplified Cost Options clarified, p 101.
  • Work package dimension removed as redundant from budget split, p 53.
  • PO3 one output indicator corrected, p 20.
  • PO5 one output indicator corrected and moved to result indicators, p 26-27.

The Programme Manual 1.1 can be found in the Key materials section (please click on the button below for direct access).

Photo of the title page of the Programme Manual 1.1