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ISMEF is an acronym for ‘Increasing international sales in the intelligent and sustainable mobility sectors of Estonia and Finland’. The project’s aim is to support Finnish and Estonian mobility companies and related ICT service providers to develop competitive cross-border service and product offers for three international target markets: North America, the Gulf region, and the UK.

Our supporting services include collecting market information about the project target markets, connecting project partners and companies with local experts and one another through match-making events, skills development activities, and communication about Estonian and Finnish mobility and related ICT service capabilities. Click on the About project tab to learn more about the project activities!

Expected results

The project will include a range of internationalisation support activities tailored to the needs of companies in the ITS Finland and ITS Estonia networks.

The project aims to engage and provide internationalisation services or non-financial support to at least 90 Finnish and Estonian mobility SMEs and supporting ICT service providers. We expect that by the end of the project at least 15 SMEs from Estonia and Finland will have introduced marketing or organisational innovations as a result of the project and at the latest one year after the end of the project implementation period at least 15 SMEs will have achieved sales or contracts to new markets.

Duration 01.03.2023 - 28.02.2026

Total budget

Programme priority

Innovative Business Development

Programme objective

PO1 - More exports by SMEs

Lead partner

Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications

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