Women Online

The project will address unemployment of immigrant women from Ukraine who arrived to Latvia and Estonia as refugees, which is a joint challenge for both countries. Women from Ukraine suffer more than other groups of society under such conditions and are at a particular risk of economic exclusion.

It is worth noting that certain professions, such as, for example, lawyers and doctors, require a country-specific education and experience, which becomes an invincible obstacle for many Ukrainians in Latvia and Estonia. Newcomers generally feel insecure, lack self-confidence and face financial problems.

The purpose  is to design and conduct a Digital Marketing Training Course “Women Online” for target group representatives in order to increase their competitiveness on the labour market and enable them to get a job.

Expected results

The Digital Marketing Training Course will last for 5 months, consist of 88 learning hours and encompass 10 cross-border workshops (5 face-to-face and 5 online) and 3 cross-border online master-classes. The course will be implemented twice: in Round 1 and Round 2.

70 immigrant women from Ukraine will actively participate in the training course during 2 rounds. Both Latvian and Estonian trainees will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by LP1, which will outline topics and learning hours.

Project result directly contributes to CB programme result indicator, as reskilling for a demanded Digital Marketer profession along with the employability training would definitely increase competitiveness of TGRs on labour market.

Duration 01.09.2023 - 30.11.2024

Total budget

Programme priority

Improved employment opportunities

Programme objective

PO6 - Improved employment opportunities on labour market

Lead partner

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

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