Time to act: funding for better employment and public services

Who wouldn’t like better employment opportunities and more advanced public services? If you’re working on a project that aims to tackle these areas, here’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss. The Central Baltic Programme is offering funding for projects that involve international cooperation.

The application window is open until mid-October, giving you a chance to drive meaningful changes in Estonia, Finland (including Åland), Latvia, and Sweden.

Small budgets, big outcomes

In this call for funding, the programme is focusing on projects with smaller budgets that can bring about significant change. These projects can contribute to better employment opportunities by providing joint training in labour market-relevant skills or entrepreneurship. Public services can be enhanced through input from public sector organisations. The beauty of these compact small projects lies in their efficiency and ability to birth ground-breaking solutions, especially at the grassroots level. Not to mention, simplified procedures streamline the administrative path, freeing you to focus on implementation.

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Project possibilities

The question arises: what could your project explore? The scope is vast and rife with potential. Imagine offering specialised training to marginalised job seekers, devising strategies to combat discrimination in the corporate world, fostering a cross-border dialogue that enriches public services, or spearheading digitalisation efforts and introducing participatory models. The possibilities are dynamic, and the Central Baltic Programme is your launchpad. We encourage you to get acquainted to the Programme Manual to ensure that the type of your organisation as well as project idea are relevant for funding.

Real stories, real impact

The programme is already making a difference. Take, for instance, the “Silver Entrepreneurs” project led by the Latvian Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Tampere University. This project is empowering individuals over 60 with the skills and knowledge needed to embark on entrepreneurial journeys. Another example is the “Tour4Youth” project, initiated by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, which empowers young people in rural areas of Finland, Estonia, and Latvia to find their workplace in tourism and hospitality.

Collaboration is also driving improvements in public services. The “VINCE” project, led by the Turku University of Applied Sciences, is addressing immigrant integration challenges exacerbated as well by the unjustified aggression against Ukraine. They’re developing an interactive platform to offer immigrants vital information and services, promoting mutual support and content creation. Additionally, the “Breaking Barriers” project, led by the Ventspils Education Council, aims to create practical solutions on how to improve inclusive education services into day-to-day education services and practices.

Getting funded

So, how can you get funding from the Central Baltic Programme? The journey starts by finding a like-minded international partner, co-crafting your application, and seeking consultations from our team. Your voyage towards funding awaits, promising to bring your vision to life.

Remember, every project – regardless of your idea – must radiate a cross-border character and bring the expected results. Partners from at least two programme countries – Estonia, Finland (including Åland), Latvia, and Sweden – must collaborate in synergy. Funding covers up to 80% through ERDF co-financing, with partners contributing at least 20% – a testament to shared commitment.

Your next steps

But wait, there’s more! The programme is hosting informative events tailored to potential applicants. If you’re on the lookout for an international project partner or eager to master budgeting and planning, look no further. Dive into these valuable resources on our website.

The Baltic Sea isn’t just a body of water, it’s a cradle of possibilities. The Central Baltic Programme is your compass, guiding you to harness these possibilities, funding better employment prospects and enhanced public services. Don’t miss this chance.

Start exploring our key documents, work on your application, get in touch with us, and be ready to submit it between September 25 and October 16. Bring your ideas into reality!

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