Project develop and improve public integration services for migrants. We want to transfer the services into the virtual, digital world.

Project activities:

The project will develop among other things:

  1. Create a virtual platform.
  2. Integrate various digital services into the platform.
  3. Involve migrants in the development activities.
  4. Improve cooperation between partners.

The project implements seminars and events that reach out to organisations that serve migrants. Service providers are informed about the possibilities of digital services in both Finland and Sweden.

Expected results

During VINCE, a joint virtual platform will be created, and different kinds of virtual integration services will be integrated into the platform. The project will use service design as a method, which means that the migrants themselves will be involved in creating content for the platform.

As a result of the project, migrants will have access to cross-border, high-quality integration services that are provided on the virtual platform by the partner organisations.

Duration 01.04.2023 - 31.03.2026

Total budget

Programme priority

Improved public services

Programme objective

PO7 - Improved public services and solutions for the citizens

Lead partner

Turku University of Applied Sciences

Project Events

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